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The Biggest NBA Season Disappointment

There has been a heated discussion over some key issues in the National Basketball Association:

– a number of NBA teams in 2016/2017 season can be called as failed to meet hopes and expectations placed  on them before the start of the regular season. Which team is the most disappointing? Many believe that the most unsatisfying team of this season is Portland Trail Blazers from Oregona, others point at Orlando Magic, while some attribute it to Minnesota Timberwolves.

–  this regular season is remarkable for the fact that at this moment there’s still no a single coach started the season with the NBA team who was fired from his job. Who of the current head coaches in the league are more likely to lose their work sooner than their colleagues? Fred Hoiberg? Or, perhaps, current head coach of the New York Knicks Jeff Hornacek? New Orleans Pelicans coach Alvin Gentry is also at risk.

–  3 players, once representing a great trio of Oklahoma, have a hypothetical chance of winning a Most Valuable Player award in this season. Who – Kevin Durant, James Harden or Russell Westbrook – can lead to the most successful franchise right now?


–  this season has only one drawback – the lack of intrigue around the potential finalists due to the great superiority of the Warriors and Cleveland over their competitors . But similar affair cannot be found 5 years ahead. Which franchise will be the best in chase of the title in 2022?

There’re also doubts about the ability of Fred Hoiberg to keep the locker room under his control. Moreover, the attention is focused on the examination of biological statistics of Kevin Durant’s body; speculations regarding the potential relationship development between Joel Embiid and Rihanna, and chances of Mikhail Kulagin of getting NBA Championship ring, and more.

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